Our Business Overview

We have achieved an unparalleled track record in innovation and long-term, responsible growth.

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Floating lottery balls in St George's Hall, Liverpool

As the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery since its launch in 1994 – and with an extended third licence term until 2023 – Camelot’s objective is to maximise returns to Good Causes in the most socially-responsible and cost-efficient way.

For over 20 years, we have made a winning business of running one of the world’s most successful lotteries – one that continues to be truly life-changing, both for our many winners, as well as for the countless individuals and communities which benefit from National Lottery funding.

We run the most cost-efficient major lottery in Europe, with only around 4% of total revenue spent on operating costs – a key factor behind us delivering, on average, over £36 million each week to National Lottery Good Causes. Combined with the Lottery Duty we pay to the Government, we return one of the highest percentages of lottery revenue back to society in the world.

To date, National Lottery players have raised over £35 billion for Good Cause projects, with more than 490,000 individual awards made across the UK – an average of over 150 lottery grants for every neigbourhood. Over the same period, we have paid out over £59 billion in prizes to players and created more than 4,250 National Lottery millionaires.