Our responsibilities

We care about the way we do business

When it comes to our responsibilities, we like to be on the front foot.


Our players

It’s our job to keep players safe by preventing them from playing too young and too much. That’s why our consumer protection strategy isn’t an add-on, it’s part of our business model


Our winners

Winning big can be life-changing, which is why we have a dedicated team to advise jackpot winners on everything from privacy to how to get independent financial advice. 

our emplotees

Our employees

We’re committed to giving people a life-changing place to work, so they can do work that changes lives. We measure our performance against it.


Our retailers

We have around 44,000 retailers across the UK. We just couldn’t do what we do without them. Find out how to become one of our National Lottery retailers.


Our suppliers

We have around 800 suppliers and we take our commitments to them seriously. We make sure that they have practices in place to protect our reputation and theirs.


Our environment and community

We build positive relationships with the communities we work in and reduce our environmental impact – whether that’s through limiting our energy use or a running low-carbon sales fleet.