Our Stakeholders

Everyone is important to us

We have a long-standing and embedded approach to reporting and transparency which enables us and our stakeholders to track our progress and identify further opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Our Stakeholders

There are a range of stakeholders who we keep in touch with regularly:

  • Players, through our Player Hub online platform
  • Employees, through our Staff forum, Leadership Team, Corporate Responsibility advisory group
  • Government and Parliament, through the Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility (CR) Group, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Wider industry through The European Lotteries (EL), World Lottery Association (WLA) and relevant conferences
  • Sales agents, through our Retailer Forum
  • Suppliers, through our annual engagement and feedback activity
  • Academics, through the CR advisory group and individual relationships
  • Treatment providers such as GamCare
  • Distributors and promoters, through the National Lottery Promotions Unit (NLPU) and distributors meetings
  • Sustainability experts, through Business in the Community, Carbon Trust and Building Sustainability

Our regular contact with each of these group enables us to identify ‘material’ issues – that is, those that are of high concern to our stakeholders and also of high strategic relevance to Camelot – and prioritise them accordingly. These then inform our business strategy, CR strategy, priorities and communications.